About Us

Digital Capital provides partnership opportunities, management and advisory services within the digital entertainment industry. We are digital matchmakers – providing capital that will allow developers to transform a simple idea into a project and eventually into a marketable property while also presenting our financial partners with exciting, digital investment opportunities.

We fund a wide variety of projects including video games and interactive software on mobile devices, Smart TV, consoles and PC. Our varied portfolio of titles is sourced from the most technically and creative digital talent across the globe.

For our investor partners: we offer unique solutions to wealthy individuals and families, businesses, institutions and wealth managers. We understand rather well, the relationship between your life and your business which are inseparably one and the same. Regardless of its size and scope, we treat every project like it is the most important investment you have ever made – because to us, it is.

For our developer partners: we offer funding and project management expertise; allowing you to focus on the technical and creative demands required to allow your idea to evolve into a digital interactive product. We are passionate about sharing success with you – giving you a larger than average percentage of profits while at the same time, giving you the as much creative freedom and control over your ideas as possible.

Under the guidance of some of the most experienced professionals in the software and digital entertainment industry, we deliver world-class capabilities with the tailored solutions, care and dedication of a small firm. Our strong commitment to excellence compels Digital Capital to do extensive research on each and every project prior to using our name as a seal of approval.