Our business model provides the opportunity to keep the ideas flowing in the hands of our creative partners. Digital Capital takes responsibility for connecting our Idea Partners with the necessary investment for each project. We also take over the day to day management of actually operating the business, as well as bearing the burdens of publishing and marketing.

In order to Become a Digital Capital Idea Partner, we require:
- Your resume – including what you have previously produced (if available).
- For you to sign the Digital Capital Mutual Confidentiality Agreement. (we cannot and will not discuss any ideas with anyone before signing a Confidentiality    Agreement).
- For you to read “How to Prepare a Presentation for Digital Capital”.
- That you have your own legal counsel.
- That you be willing/able to become a partner in a foreign corporation which would develop this idea into a commercially viable product, and which would hold
   all ownership, title, trademark, intellectual property rights, royalties, etc. to the product that is developed from your idea.
- That you are willing to meet the ownership requirements as prescribed by the government of Switzerland; or the country where the corporation would be    registered.
- A meeting either via teleconference and/or in person.
- Send mail to info@digitalcapital.ch