How to Prepare Presentation

We appreciate that each and every idea and concept is unique and has its own degree of appeal. In order that Digital Capital can provide the attention your idea deserves, we will need your help in keeping us focused. When approaching us with an idea, please first read “How to Become a Digital Capital Partner”.

Once we have concluded the Digital Capital Mutual Confidentiality Agreement, we recommend you gather the below materials for our review:
  • Company Deck: A PowerPoint or word document that explains your company’s leadership, history, current strategic goals and the projects that you have worked on individually and collectively as a team.
  • The Initial Pitch: This is a high level document that should capture the core idea and vision of your idea. It should answer the basic questions: “What is the big idea?” and “What makes it valuable, different and/or better?” Your pitch should be supported with core mechanics, technology, conceptual graphics, a target audience and platform.
  • The Business Numbers: As potential business partners, it would be great for us to review you’re your plans on monetization, and the approximate level of investment needed to make your plan successful.
  • An Abbreviated SWOT Analysis: Please be prepared to elaborate to us the strengths and weaknesses of your idea.
Once we agree to take the next step, we will need to conclude a Binding Letter of Intent and will ask your in-depth involvement in:
  • Budget/Business Plan: We will require a realistic budget and an in depth business plan, inclusive of a detailed SWOT analysis showing how your idea will provide the type of return that would make your idea an interesting investment.
  • Development Plan: We will require a development plan drafting your idea of the milestones necessary for production of the proposed project.
  • Marketing Plan: We would like to see your idea of how you would like to see your product marketed and the costs involved.
  • Concept Art: We will require some basic conceptual images of how you envision the product at the time of release.