Dream Weddings game nabs $5m+ in pre-launch funding

How much do you reckon you’d need to develop and launch a “unique app and game aimed at the global wedding industry”? $50k? $500k? Try $5m.

That’s the amount invested in Dublin startup Dream Weddings by its parent company Digital Capital this week, for an app that’s due to launch in early 2014.

“Advertising within games and apps is a relatively new frontier which will evolve rapidly over the next few years. Our technology allows advertisers to access brides-to-be in a unique and innovative way,” explains Digital Capital co-founder W. Todd Tribell, who’s been appointed to Dream Weddings’ board.

“We are confident that it will be extremely effective due to the way we are connecting the consumer to goods and services without impairing their gameplay or using blunt, intrusive advertisements.”

$5m seems a lot of money for such a venture, even if as Digital Capital points out, the global wedding industry is worth $298bn.

Even a small slice of the e-commerce elements of that could be lucrative, but Dream Weddings will be competing with a range of marital apps, publications and shopping sites – most of which will be well aware of the need to target tablets and smartphones. There’s also the challenge of global scale, with many weddings suppliers operating locally.

We’ll be intrigued to see what Dream Weddings has planned for its app and game though. It’s due to be unveiled later in 2013 ahead of its early-2014 launch.

Some details are already available on its website, which says the company “links brides and grooms with their wedding day suppliers… Our platform combines apps for the bride to use, games for the bride and her entire party to play, and links the two in such a manner as to benefit our vendor partners”.

The website also explains that the games will be playable in browsers as well as on tablets and smartphones.

“The apps themselves are targeted mainly for the tablet and smart phone market and will immediately be released for iOS and Android devices but will also be available on Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.”

20 March 2013 ·
Digital Capital AG

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