Dream Weddings launching global platform offering in Dublin to connnect brides-to-be with suppliers

Dream Weddings Ltd is launching its global platform offering wedding suppliers a digital suite of resources for connecting with brides-to-be this month.

Dream Weddings is based in The Digtal Hub in Dublin and is led by a team of experienced digital media, game and fashion experts with a passion for making wedding planning more fun; utilising social media and online gaming.

Using in-app and in-game geo-targeting Dreamwedding suppliers will be able to showcase their products and services to potential customers in their area via three interconnected digital resources – a website with online directory, an iOS App and a free-to-play social media game., an online directory of suppliers and Dreamwedding Planner App (iOS), a free to use mobile directory and companion to the game will launch on 20 June.

Dreamwedding – Social Media Game is a free to play and fun online game, showcasing local suppliers and offering potential customers the chance to ‘play and earn’ discounts for the bride-to-be.

Dream Weddings Ltd received investment in excess of US$7.5m from Switzerland-based Digital Capital AG in 2013.

“There’s been major change in the way that women interact with technology, gaming and social media,” said Jonathan Bunney, director of marketing, Digital Capital.

“Dreamwedding enables wedding vendors to embrace that shift and engage with potential customers in an entirely new way.”

Co-founder and chief creative officer of Dream Weddings Ltd Chris Klug added: “This is a completely unique proposition for both brides and suppliers, and we’re excited to have signed up many of Ireland’s top wedding businesses prior to launch.”

After its initial launch in Ireland, the Dreamwedding platform will debut in North America, beginning in Southern California and expanding to cover the rest of the continent over the course of 2014.

9 June 2014 · · Karina Corbett
Digital Capital AG

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