We have come a long way since our industry, what was then referred to as the “video game” business, was born. Over the last twenty five years, this “video game” business has transformed into a twenty six billion dollar per year (and growing) “digital entertainment” industry, which out sells the cinema box office two to one.

Within the ranks of Digital Capital’s founders and producers can be discovered pioneers who built this industry from the days of Mech Brigade and Wolf Pack and enjoyed hit after hit including titles like Ariel the Mermaid, Unreal, Star Trek, Star Wars, Call of Duty and Battlefield 1942 among many other famous hits. Through the years, those successes have been powered by the reputation which was founded upon two uncompromising values: honesty and integrity. These two fundamental values are the greatest treasures Digital Capital hold dear, and are the foundation upon which we have built our firm.

What those who don’t know Digital Capital can count on from us is: gut-wrenching honesty and rock solid integrity. Every day, of every week, of every year. That is who we are. We will not compromise our partners, nor will we compromise our contractors – ever. Our cards – all of them – will be clearly out on the table for everyone to see from the first time we become acquainted; and will remain that way – period.

Our reputation comes from putting our partners first. We promise to all of our partners and contractors that we will never betray those values just for the sake of profit. Whereas profit is fundamentally important to our success and that of our partners, we feel that our continued reputation is paramount and not only in the digital entertainment industry. We will continue to shine in the eyes of our partners, as well as our potential partners, as a rock solid and reliable firm who deliver on our promises.