At Digital Capital, we are driven by an insatiable desire to be the best at what we do. This is what motivates us. We possess a well trained eye for spotting game properties with higher than average potential for return, making them extremely attractive propositions for our investing partners. Our clients appreciate not only our track record for developing winning products but also our measured, cautious approach to investment. We have said that our investment credo is under promise and over deliver; taking the conservative way to great returns. Put simply, we mitigate the risk and maximize the rewards.

Historically, this philosophy helps us to offer better than average returns on our projects. Our steadfast rule is: We won’t put our name on a project that we believe will not offer our investment partner a 20% return paid out of the first profits received; before anyone else shares in those profits.

Digital Capital employs proven veteran professionals from their respective fields of expertise, who share in common the exceptional ability to spot and nurture a winning product; others under the Digital Capital umbrella have the unique talent for matching the right developers to the right project. This potent formula means a bigger return for our investing partners, and a genuine opportunity to outperform our projections.

Idea Partners

Digital Capital is very well connected in the digital entertainment industry. Not only do we use those connections, we are very selective regarding potential development partners. We focus on proven individuals that are not only brilliant, but have hands on experience working in their respective fields.


Our staff have decades of actual product development experience spanning from design and team management to publishing and marketing. We bring the skills learned throughout the industry’s lifetime to actually deliver the product to the right consumer on time and budget.


Each of the projects that Digital Capital selects has an industry veteran handpicked to manage the process of development. All of these individuals are well known and reputable within the industry and have years of product development experience to draw from. Their sole purpose is to assure that each of Digital Capital’s projects are of the highest quality.


Our team's experience ranges from traditional disk based publishing for retail through to digital distribution across console, mobile and social networks. Determining the right networks, platforms or partners is critical to ensure we not only reach the right audience, but the right profitability.


The world of digital marketing is fast-paced, data driven and starts within the product itself. Our in-house marketing team have launched some of the biggest digital entertainment IPs in history and have the know how to maximise every single dollar spent on a project.


An additional avenue of return is the potential for having a project and/or partner become an acquisition target. In this fast growing segment of the digital entertainment industry, one of the most sought after attributes is “owning players”. Simply put, having quality projects increases the user base of those players, while at the same time stimulates acquisition interests from the digital entertainment giants.